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Warning48.png ATTENTION

Recently our sister network CTWUG, raised over R65k in one month. I bet PTAWUG can smash that!! So we are holding a DOMAFLE. DOnations MArathon & rafFLE in one. Each donation >R100 automatically gets you a ticket into the raffle for a NAS to add to your library. The NAS (Network Attached Storage) will be like having an additional 8TB of hard drive storage space directly accessible from your network. Simply Plug it in, set a few settings using a web interface and away you go! It will be a custom build 8TB beaut...

If we as over 400 users each donate only R175 each, we will reach our goal very quickly!! So why so much? Are we mal or what? No, the idea is to raise the money to focus upgrades in areas with massive noise and which requires attention. We will change grid site to site links with proper equipment like Cambium and even more open frequencies.
   Name:       PTAWUG Donations
   Acc Type:   Absa Flexi
   Acc Number: 9326432902
   Branch:     632005
   Reference:  (Nick)(MARATHON) eg: PietMARATHON

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